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Technology is a critical component of DMD Liberty's value proposition. Historically, technology has allowed us to reduce costs and increase quality. Now the paradigm has shifted. It is no longer quesitoned whether we can implement savings...its a requirement.


Now, the questions are....How can I improve my campaign results? How do I increase penetration in a saturated market place? How can I quickly and effectively use the marketing data gained from my most recent campaign? Which media channel is best suited? We hear you. We understand. We have an answer; XMFX


XMFX; X-cross, M-media, FX-effects allows for the logical, rule-based marriage of databases, creative concepts, legal requirements, and other marketing elements allowing for a fluid, data-laden, dialogue with your customer bases.


Wait ... theres more. What happens if the customer responds to a communication? With XMFX you can prepare a set of variable second, third and fourth wave communications based on your customers responses and choose the best media suited for those communications; email, web, direct mail, sms text, cd/dvd, pod-cast.

Come and learn what we have to offer.

Database Marketing
Consumer Profiling
E-Mail Marketing
Business Intelligence


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